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LED Downlights

The benefits of installing LED lights

With electricity prices on the rise, it’s time to think about replacing those potentially dangerous halogen downlights. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have listed the main advantages of switching to LED downlights. If you require any further information please send us a message or give us a call.

Our LED Lighting services include:

  • We supply and install high quality LED downlights
  • Upgrading halogen downlights to safer and energy efficient LED’s
  • The replacement of the larger old-style downlights with LED lights
  • The installation of LED flood lights, LED light bars & LED ceiling lights
  • The installation of LED Dimmers
  • You can also supply your own downlights and we’ll install them
Gold Coast Electrician installing LED Downlights and LED lights

LED vs Halogen – Why are LED lights so much better?

Significantly less risk of fire

Have you ever felt the heat coming off of a halogen downlight? The surface temperature of a hot halogen
lamp is approx. 300 degrees Celsius. This can become a fire hazard when the halogen down light is not installed correctly.

Halogen downlights are at risk of causing a fire when:

  • The light fitting is mounted too close to a surrounding timber structure.
  • The halogen transformer is too close to the halogen lamp.
  • Insulation has been placed too close to the light fitting.
  • Insulation has been placed on top of the down light or its associated transformer.
  • The light has been mounted into a confined space with no ventilation.
  • There are leaves or any other combustible items in close proximity to the downlight.
  • Electrical cables are too close to the downlight

The surface temperature of an LED light is approx. 50 degrees Celsius making them a much safer alternative.

Modern LED Lights Gold Coast

LED downlights have a much longer lifespan

The average reported lifespan of an LED downlight is between 30000 and 50000 hours. Let’s assume that in a normal home that the average light is on in the evening for around about 5 hours. That’s 35 hours each week or 1820 hours per year. So, assuming that the downlight did last for 30000 hours, that would equate to approx. 16 years of normal use. In comparison, the average reported lifespan of a halogen bulb is between 1000 and 2000 hours.

LED lights use up to 82% less electricity

The amount of light that is emitted from a light fitting is measured in lumens. A 50w halogen produces approx. 550 – 650 lumens. For this comparison we are going to use a 9w Led downlight which produces 700 lumens. It’s also important to remember the transformer that is attached to the halogen downlight can also use up to 10 watts but this hasn’t been included in the following calculation.

Okay so assuming that a 9w LED downlight will provide the same amount of light as a 50w halogen then we can make the following calculation.

(1 – (9 / 50)) * 100 = 82% reduction in electricity

If you assume that there might be 20 lights that are running each evening then that would equate to an annual saving of $403.45. That’s $20.17 per light saved per year.

Clipsal LED Lighting Dimmer

Clipsal LED Dimmer

LED downlights are lower maintenance – No light bulbs to change

Most modern LED downlights no longer have light bulbs that periodically require changing. They are sealed units. This can be a real bonus for some people that find it hard to climb up a ladder to replace the lamp. It’s also great when the light fitting is in a position that difficult to reach.

You can choose the colour of light that is emitted

LED downlights can dramatically change the look and feel of your home. It’s amazing how different a room looks just by changing the colour temperature of the light.

There are 3 main colours available:

  • Warm White (3000k) – This is very similar to the colour of light that’s produced by most incandescent light fittings. It’s has a softer warmer sort of hue.
  • Cool White (4000k) – This is a bit “whiter” than warm white. It makes the room feel fresh and inviting.
  • Daylight (5000k) – Just like the name says, it’s like daylight.
Gold Coast Led Lighting Specialists

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