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Ceiling Fans Gold Coast

BYO ceiling fans or choose some of ours!

Whether you are looking to replace your existing ceiling fans or it’s a new installation, Sparkys Plus have the expertise to get the job done right.

If you’ve seen some ceiling fans at Bunnings or you’ve found some fans online but you’re not quite sure if they are suitable, we can help you select the best fan for any room in your home.

We also supply a range of high-quality fans manufactured by companies like Clipsal and Brilliant. All fans are competitively priced and come with a minimum of 2 years “in home” warranty.

We take care whilst at your home, use drop sheets to protect your flooring and bedding and clean up when all electrical work is completed.

We offer “no obligation” free quotes. Simply give us a call or send us a message and we will get straight back to you.

Clipsal Airflow Sweep Fan - Electrician Gold Coast

Ceiling Fan Installation

Brilliant Tempest Ceiling Fan Installation Gold Coast

Brilliant Tempest
Ceiling Fan

White – Silver – Black
1300mm (52″)
2 Year In Home Warranty
Supplied & Installed
From $275

Brilliant Tempest Ceiling Fan with Light Installation Gold Coast

Brilliant Tempest
Ceiling Fan with Light

White – Silver – Black
1300mm (52″)
2 Year In Home Warranty
Supplied & Installed
From $286

Clipsal Airflow Ceiling Fans Supplied and Installed

Clipsal Airflow
Ceiling Fan

White – Stainless
1200mm (48″)
3 Year In Home Warranty
Supplied & Installed
From $203.50

Frequently Asked Questions

How much electricity does a ceiling fan use?

Ceiling Fans are a cost-effective way to cool your home. On a hot humid summer’s day, a ceiling fan can make the room feel up to 5 degrees cooler. When compared to Air Conditioning a ceiling fan uses substantially less electricity and is therefore better for the environment. The running costs on an average ceiling fan are less than 3 cents per hour.

Does it help to run a ceiling fan and an air conditioner together?

A ceiling fan will help to make an air conditioner more efficient. You can increase the temperature setting a couple of degrees without any noticeable change in comfort. This will help to reduce your electricity bill. In fact, on the majority of days you won’t have to run your air conditioner at all!

Brushed Aluminium Mercator Fan - Gold Coast Electrician

DC ceiling fans versus AC ceiling fans. How do they compare?

  • DC ceiling fans are more energy efficient. They can use up to 70% less electricity
  • DC ceiling fans often have more speed options and run quieter
  • The motor generates more start-up torque and is physically smaller
  • Most DC fans are remote controlled and cost more than AC ceiling fans

What’s better, timber or metal blades?

Timber blades are marginally quieter than metal blades and also generate slightly less airflow. People that are “light sleepers” may prefer a timber bladed ceiling fan in a bedroom although the difference really is only marginal. Metal bladed fans may be more suitable for larger rooms. The pitch (angle) of the blades also determines the amount of airflow a ceiling fan will generate.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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