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Ceiling Fan Installation

Sparkys Plus are your ceiling fan specialists

We’ve been installing ceiling fans for Gold Coast families for over 20 years and offer free quotes and very affordable rates. Prices are dependant on things like construction type, roof access, fan assembly, and the number of fans being installed. As a general guide, a simple installation would cost around about $90.

If you need help, make sure you check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” section below or simply give us a call or send us a message and we will get straight back to you.

Gold Coast Electrician Ceiling Fan Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceiling fans cheap to run?

Ceiling Fans are a cost effective way to cool your home. On a hot humid summer’s day, a ceiling fan can make the room feel up to 5 degrees cooler. When compared to Air Conditioning a ceiling fan uses substantially less electricity and is therefore better for the environment. The running costs on an average ceiling fan are less than 3 cents per hour.

Does it help to run a ceiling fan and an air conditioner together?

A ceiling fan will help to make an air conditioner more efficient. You can increase the temperature setting a couple of degrees without any noticeable change in comfort. This will help to reduce your electricity bill. In fact, on the majority of days you won’t have to run your air conditioner at all!

What do I look for when choosing a ceiling fan?
  • Choose a ceiling fan that comes with a good “In home warranty service”. An “In home warranty” means that if your ceiling fan develops a noise, stops working on one speed or ceases to work at all during the warranty period you are not left out of pocket. With an “In home warranty” the manufacturer will send a service agent to your home to repair your ceiling fan free of charge to you providing it has been correctly installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Try to spend a little extra on the cost of the ceiling fan. A cheap $60 fan will often only last a year or two. They often last just outside of the warranty and then they develop problems. By selecting a better quality ceiling fan, you will get many more years of trouble free operation. This means that the initial installation cost is also spread over a longer term making the overall cost a lot lower.
  • Choose a ceiling fan that has a good blade pitch (angle). Look for a ceiling fan that has a blade pitch of 11 degrees or more.
  • The majority of AC ceiling fans come with a 3 speed controller. You can also purchase a remote control assembly for many fans these days. Most of them allow you to either turn the fan light on or off via the light switch or by using the remote. The ceiling fan is controlled via the remote control.
Will I be able to have some ceiling fans installed in my home?

If you live in a single level house with a pitched roof that can be accessed via a manhole then the answer is yes. Installing ceiling fans in your home should be fairly simple.

What if I live in a high rise or I have a 2 storey home and I want the fans to be installed downstairs? In order to install a ceiling fan an electrician will normally have to run cables in your ceiling cavity. You may have no accessible ceiling space in which to run the cables because you have a room directly above it. This leaves you with a couple of options.

  1. If you already have a light that is switched independently on its own switch, you could replace that light with a fan light combination which is controlled by a remote control.
  2. In some cases, depending on the way your home was constructed, an electrician may be able to install the cables for you.
DC ceiling fans versus AC ceiling fans. How do they compare?
  • DC ceiling fans are more energy efficient. They can use up to 70% less electricity
  • DC ceiling fans often have more speed options
  • DC ceiling fans generate more start-up torque are quieter
  • The motor on a DC ceiling fan is physically smaller
  • The majority of DC ceiling fans are remote controlled
  • DC ceiling fans are generally more expensive than AC ceiling fans

Putting all of that aside there is absolutely nothing wrong with an AC ceiling fan. AC ceiling fans have been around for a long time and are very reliable. The power usage of an average AC ceiling fan is only about 60 watts. That’s less than 3 cents an hour! Some people also prefer to have a wall controller to adjust the speeds so an AC ceiling fan may be more suitable in these circumstances.

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